2008 Weiser-Künstler Enkircher Zeppwingert Riesling Spätlese


Wine Advocate: 91/100

“This filigree, delicate character is our dream”

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Professional reviews:

Wine Advocate (David Schildknecht): “Kunstler-Weiser’s 2008 Enkircher Zeppwingert Riesling Spatlese smells and tastes deliciously of ripe pear and kiwi; displays a combination of lusciousness and delicacy, creaminess and refreshment delightfully depictive of the vintage; and is haunted by sweet, gardenia-like perfume. There is a creamier, more lush sense to this than to the corresponding (and analytically equally light) Ellergrub, but it still positively levitates as it refreshes, and in fact at 7% this is alcoholically half a percent lower than the corresponding Ellergrub or the Kabinetts that went before it. A subtle interplay of citrus and stone with the fruit and flowers lends further interest to an already practically irresistible libation. It will be fascinating to see how this evolves over the next dozen or more years.
Konstantin Weiser and Alexandra Kunstler remain partisans of Riesling with levitating lightness, low alcohol, and unabashed sweetness, as well as youthful yeastiness and CO2 from cool, ambient yeast fermentations. ‘This filigree, delicate character is our dream,’ says Kunstler, and the 2008 vintage certainly offered excellent support. That said, they have continued to offer dry-tasting wines, as those are what can be sold within Germany” 91/100 pts

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