2012 Schäfer-Fröhlich Kupfergrube Riesling Grosses Gewächs


Vinous: 93/100
Falstaff: 93/100

Dense, delicate and spicy on the dazzling finish. Another of the finest dry rieslings of the vintage



Professional reviews:

Vinous: “Savory aromas of cling peach, smoked meat and oyster shell, with a hint of herbal spices. Luscious passion fruit and fine minerality form infinite layers on the palate. Dense, delicate and spicy on the dazzling finish. Another of the finest dry rieslings of the vintage.” 93/100 pts

“If any producer working with wild yeasts ignites debates, it is certainly Tim Fröhlich. Few other estates, though, are as resolute in their vineyard care and take so many risks at harvest. Even in difficult vintages, Fröhlich is often still harvesting long after most others have called it quits. Even after all the leaves have fallen following the first frosts, he often allows the grapes to remain on the vines for another few days before picking, not to desiccate but to mature the berries. Many of his colleagues shake their heads, but there is little question about the results. These are certainly, in their respective categories, among the finest wines of the year.”

Falstaff: “Helles Grün. Noch reduktiv, zart hefige Nuancen, Wiesenkräuter, mit gelber Frucht unterlegt. Saftig, extraktsüß, feine Tropenfruchtanklänge, lebendige Säurestruktur, harmonisch, wird sich langsam entwickeln, hier ist viel Geduld gefragt.” 93/100 pts

Jancisrobinson.com (Michael Schmidt): “Tim Fröhlich may not be the inventor of spontaneous fermentation, but he has certainly trailed a blaze in terms of its acceptance as an idiosyncratic means of Grosse Gewächse expression. German wine critics have very much embraced this pronounced herbaceous approach, while some foreign correspondents seem to be still struggling. One foot in each camp can be a pretty uncomfortable position, but with the Kupfergrube I have to admit that the green mint and herbal tea notes are pretty dominating at this infant stage. In all my years in Britain I have never managed to become a tea lover, but at least I learned to appreciate what other people see in it. Fortunately I am also a sucker for gritty minerality, and the Kupfergrube has plenty of that.  2014-2022.”

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