2016 A.J. Adam Riesling trocken


Stuart Pigott: 90/100
Mosel Fine Wines: 89/100

“Overall, this is a stunning effort by Barbara and Andreas Adam and essentially all wines are hugely recommended. Bravo!”



Professional reviews:

Stuart Pigott (Jamessuckling.com): “Ripe, juicy and open for business right now. This has quite some substance and an intense mandarin note, but it’s also full of life” 90/100pts

Moselfinewines.com (David Rayer and Jean Fisch): “The 2016er Riesling Trocken is made from young vines and declassified fruit in the Hofberg and fermented in stainless steel. It delivers a gorgeous and nicely undercooled nose of greengage, white peach and pear with a great touch of ginger and white flowers to boot. The wine proves gorgeously smooth and elegant on the palate and leaves a stunning feel of refinement in the finish. This wine cruises far above the usual standards of a “mere” Estate wine! Now-2026

Barbara Adam, who joined her brother Andreas on the A.J. Adam Estate in 2013, sees 2016 as a Kabinett vintage with good acidity levels: “The results of the vintage were quite surprising given the pressure from diseases which affected the vines during spring and early summer. However, we did not suffer many losses from this. The hail of mid-August and the effect of sunburn during the heat wave at the end of August and early September caused us more trouble. At the end, we only had to deplore 10% of loss in yields over our whole Estate. We harvested from October 5 until October 31 and are quite happy with the results, except that we couldn’t really produce much high-end Auslese, as there was hardly any botrytis to play with. We compensate this with our first Eiswein ever, harvested at -8.5°C (17°F) on November 30. Bottling occurred as usual in March and April.” The Estate extended slightly its portfolio in 2016 by producing not one, but three different wines from solely-tended Dhroner Häs’chen: Next to a dry Riesling, it also produced a Kabinett as well as an Auslese out of this vineyard. The Estate produced its first Eiswein and used this opportunity to produce an Auslese * from the juice of the second pressing of the Eiswein harvest. Simply put, 2016 is the finest collection by the A.J. Adam Estate to date. The wines retain their usual “Adam presence” but complement this with superb lightness, playful acidity and elegance. In particular, its top dry Riesling, Spätlese and Auslese are simply superb. The Kabinett wines have a lightness and playful elegance not yet seen by us at this Estate. Overall, this is a stunning effort by Barbara and Andreas Adam and essentially all wines are hugely recommended. Bravo!” 89/100pts

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