2016 Koehler-Ruprecht Kallstadter Saumagen Riesling Spätlese trocken


Mosel Fine Wines: 96/100
Vinous: 94/100

“This is a dazzling piece of dry Riesling in the making and one of the finest Spätlese Trocken ever at this Estate!”



Professional reviews:

Mosel Fine Wines: “The 2016er Kallstadter Saumagen Spätlese Trocken will only be commercially released in May 2018. It offers a stunning and already magnificently complex nose of whipped cream, dried flowers, candied peach, spices and almond. The wine shows great presence and immense grip without any undue power on the palate (the wine only has 12% of alcohol). It is packed with huge complexity and the finish is super fresh and animating. The acidity is fully ripe yet still quite sharp at this early stage, giving the wine a beautifully austere side, always a great sign in a young dry Riesling. The after-taste is all about grapefruit zest and chalky minerals. This is a dazzling piece of dry Riesling in the making and one of the finest Spätlese Trocken ever at this Estate! 2024-2046” 96/100 pts

Vinous (David Schildknecht): “Zesty fresh lemon, piquant corn shoot, cooling basil and incisive fresh ginger combine for an eye-wateringly intense aromatic impression and a vibrant, invigorating palate performance. The feel here is creamy, yet the midpalate is brightly juicy, with tangy pineapple core enhancing the wine’s tingling, tactile sense of energetic impingement. The vibratory, exuberant, consummately refreshing, almost kaleidoscopically complex finish is aided by impeccably judged residual sugar for a succulent and entirely supportive sense of sweetness, while a load of chalk and mouthwateringly clinging mineral salts is ultimately left behind. Galloping must weights and press of harvest had meant that a sweet 2015 Auslese was possible from Saumagen but no corresponding Kabinett or Spätlese. In 2016, despite overall very modest must weights and good acid retention, Sona and Schmitt felt that the heat of August and early September precluded Saumagen Kabinett, while what little fruit even breached the legal threshold for Auslese was ideally suited (and coveted) for dry wine. But what an exemplary Saumagen Spätlese they achieved! There was just enough of it to fill a 600-liter Halbstück.” 94/100 pts

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