2016 Weiser-Künstler Enkircher Ellergrub Riesling Auslese (0.375L)


Vinous: 92/100
Mosel Fine Wines: 92/100

“A drastic selection of grapes harvested at 107° Oechsle yielded a meagre 100 liters of Auslese in 2016”



Professional reviews:

Vinous: “Both on the nose and on the palate, quince and white peach project intense ripeness but retain freshness. Chamomile and almond cream add to the allure. Like the corresponding Spätlese, this displays a creaminess and youthful plushness on the palate that are deceptive, because ample fresh primary juiciness on the finish ensures animation as well as outright refreshment, and the wine will slim and refine itself in bottle. Only around 120 liters were produced. That’s slightly less than half of what there was from 2015 – but Weiser points out that he only wishes his and Künstler’s overall crop loss in the Ellergrub had been limited to 50%.” 92/100 pts

Mosel Fine Wines (David Rayer and Jean Fisch): “A drastic selection of grapes harvested at 107° Oechsle yielded a meagre 100 liters of Auslese in 2016. This wine is still in its infancy and does only reveal its full potential on the palate, where great scents of mirabelle, cassis, pear and herbs come through. The wine is smooth and delicate and leaves a satisfying feel in the long finish. 2026-2041

Konstantin Weiser was happy with the bottled result of the 2016 wines yet the growing conditions are ones the Weiser-Künstler family will happily forget soon: “We are currently converting to organic viticulture and we were badly hit by the outbreak of peronospora in the 2016 vintage. Not only did we lose 50% of our crop, these losses concentrated on our flagship vineyard, namely the Enkircher Ellergrub, where we harvested a meager 10 hl/ha. Fortunately, the remainder of the season proved very nice and the good weather during the harvest meant that we could take our time. We started on October 8 and finished on October 27, pausing in the middle of the harvest when rain fell for a few days. Overall, the vintage delivered ripe grapes with low sugar levels. It reminds us of a riper version of the 2014 vintage [Note: a highly successful vintage at Weiser-Künstler].” Due to the low yields, the Estate Kabinett does not come from the Trabener Gaispfad as in previous years, but from the Wolfer Sonnenlay, nor was it possible to produce the iconic Enkircher Ellergrub Kabinett in 2016. The Estate will bottle an Ellergrub GE and a Gaispfad (both of which are not yet bottled). The Weiser-Künstler collection proves hugely successful and delivers lightness and telltale elegance. The dry Estate Kabinett, with an almost unseen 9.5% of alcohol, is a little jewel of precision, the Wolfer Sonnenlay Kabinett has gained in refinement vs. its debut vintage last year and the Ellergrub Spätlese is as good as ever and, as usual, highly recommended. There are few growers in the Mosel who are more hard-working, gentle and idealistically dedicated to the Mosel cause than the Weiser-Künstler. We do so wish that Mother Nature would let this Estate reap more financial rewards from this hard work and dedication. The wines are certainly among the finest of the region.” 92/100 pts

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