2018 Emrich-Schönleber Halenberg Riesling Grosses Gewächs


Robertparker.com: 95+/100
Weinwisser: 19/10

“possibly Emrich-Schönleber’s finest vintage ever”



Professional reviews:

Robertparker.com (Stephan Reinhardt): “The 2018 Halenberg Riesling GG is super precise, pure and fresh on the intense and stony, still reductive nose, with its notes of candied lemon and lime (that means: slightly greenish). On the palate, this is a rich and concentrated yet elegant, silky-textured, vital and powerful, persistently salty and tensioned Halenberg that is far too young to discover its full potential today. It’s rich and elegant, refined and slightly tannic and needs time to develop its full potential.

If I tasted the whole range of wines here (which would doubtlessly be a pleasure) it would take me almost a day. There are no easygoing wines produced by Frank Schönleber, because even the so-called estate wines are expressive and complex and stylistically as well as qualitatively as important as a Brut Reserve is for a champagne house. This July, I was able to taste two contrasting but fascinating vintages, 2017 and 2018, of which I prefer many of the 2018s, possibly Emrich-Schönleber’s finest vintage ever.” 95+/100 pts

Weinwisser: “Weit gefächertes Bou­quet mit erdiger Mineralität, fast ölig, man meint förmlich das nasse (blaue) Schiefer­ gestein zu riechen, fast mittelmoselanisch, erinnert an Piesporter Lagen. Grosse Ele­ ganz am Gaumen, dabei geschliffen und durchweg mineralisch, salzige Saftigkeit, ungemein komplex und tiefgestaffelt. Ein Gigant im Werden mit enorm verdichteter Kraft und Frische, das braucht aber min­ destens 6 bis 8 Jahre. Mehr Gotik geht nicht.” 19/20 pts

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