2018 Francesco Rinaldi Gavi


“This is the finest example of Francesco Rinaldi Gavi I have tasted to date”



Professional reviews:

Forbes (Tom Hyland): “how nice to taste the new release of Gavi of Francesco Rinaldi from the 2018 vintage. Rinaldi is one of the great Barolo houses (see my article on the best Barolo producers), and has been producing Gavi only since the 2010 vintage; winemaker Fabio Gemme owns an old Cortese vineyard in the Gavi zone. This is a lovely wine that has beautiful aromas of spearmint and melon with enticing floral aromas of peony and jasmine. Medium-bodied with a rich finish, it is dry and has good, but not too high acidity (like many of the region’s whites). The wine offers ideal harmony and is quite delicious; it is appealing on its own, but would pair well with lighter poultry and seafood dishes.
This is the finest example of Francesco Rinaldi Gavi I have tasted to date, and some of that has to do with the outstanding 2018 vintage; though I’ve only sampled a few dozen Italian whites from 2018, I can happily recommend this vintage as something very special, especially for aromatics and finesse. It’s a bit ironic, I suppose, that a producer best known for their Barolo should craft such an outstanding Gavi, so perhaps vintners that have estates in the Gavi zone will follow suit and release more interesting and attractive versions of Gavi now.”

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Francesco Rinaldi